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Diversity Recycling is your one-stop source for complete scrap metal recycling in Surrey, BC. We understand that as natural resources continue to be depleted, the renewal and preservation of our global environment are critical for long-term sustainability. Our dedicated staff members make sure all of the materials that enter our facilities are safely and responsibly handled. We’re not your average scrap yard – we’re an eco-friendly scrap yard that works hard to protect this planet. Let us put our more than 10 years of recycling experience to work for you!

Diversity Recycling Services

Diversity Recycling has made a firm commitment to educating businesses and individuals throughout Surrey, BC about the benefits of metal recycling, which include saving energy, conserving natural resources and adding employment opportunities to our community.

LDP and HDP Films

We offer Recycling of LDP and HDP Films


Most people know aluminum best by its common uses in aluminum foil and cans, but at General Diversity Recycling, we recycle multiple aluminum materials, from wire to siding. In Surrey BC, aluminum recycling is easy and convenient because of our services.

Stainless Steel

While many think of paper and plastic when it comes to recycling, metals like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper can also be recycled. As part of our on-going commitment to recycling and repurposing scrap metal, General Diversity Recycling.

HMS-1 and HMS-1-2

We offer Recycling of HMS-1 and HMS-1-2

Car Engines

When your car or pick-up truck is at the end of its life, what happens next? You can scrap it and help the environment. If you want to promote a healthier environment, come to General Diversity Recycling in Surrey.

Copper Scrap

We offer Recycling of Copper

Battery Recycling

On a daily basis, we start our vehicles, power our boats and run complex industrial machinery with lead-acid batteries. We know that you’re familiar with them, but you may not know that they pose several serious environmental risks when they expire.

About Diversity Recycling

DBS Metal Scrap and Recycling Trading Company.

DBS Recycling (DBS) is metal trading company under the umbrella of Diversity Business Solution Inc, purchases all kinds of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals. We have created a link between in the trading industry within a couple of years of establishment and have met clients demands in terms of premium of removing Metal Scrap

Recycled metals provided to us is cost effective as compare to the market so we preferred to raw material. We do large scale buying/ selling and recycling solutions also. We deal in all kind of metal scrap, no matter how big or small the quantity is. If you have large quantities of scrap metal please contact us.

what we do?

We Deals in all types of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap.